Life after reality TV can be an adjustment, but for Project Runway alum, Lela Christiana, she is taking it in stride! Lela was a competitor on Project runway as it made its debut back on Bravo TV. I sat down to catch up with the eco friendly designer and here is what she had to say…


So tell me, how has life been since returning from Project Runway?

” It has been beyond crazy, I’ve been working non stop and actually right now I’m making a wedding dress AND all bridesmaids dresses for an upcoming wedding. “

What was it like to move into a house with roommates again?

” I got lucky, Tessa was my roommate and closest friend on the show and she’s like a grandma, in bed super early, so that helped me a lot. “

For someone like myself who is not in the fashion world, explain to me what eco friendly designer really means?

” So basically, entering this career I realized how much waste and pollution the fashion community attributes to the world, so I’m a cruelty-free with zero waste designer. I cut my patterns like a puzzle, and only use all natural and organic fabrics. “

So if you are eco friendly, how do you get colored fabrics, don’t the dyes make it non-organic?

” No actually, I use normal household items to dye my fabrics such as kitchen spices, and certain foods will alter the colors of cotton. “

Coming off the heels of the series airing, what was the worst part of the show and the best part?

” Worst part for me specifically was time. Making sure I use as less waste as possible, it’s very time consuming when cutting out patterns. the best part has to be the friendships and career advise I’ve gained throughout the experience. “

How hard was the casting process and what made you decide to apply for the show?

” It was actually my friends who convinced me to apply. I didn’t think I would be good reality TV, then after thinking about it, I knew it would be a good career opportunity. This was actually my first season applying, and I made it on my first shot. “


Lela has since launched her first collection, Ferrah, and is currently gearing up for her next launch. Her items have even been featured on the cover of a country music artist’s album cover. The louisiana native is growing her empire and designing for the most elite of Dallas society. “The show may be over, but it’s only up from here.” Lela says. You can shop all of her collection at or hit the button below. I had an amazing time catching up with Lela as we are both Louisianimals living in the big D! Thank you Lela, XOXO!